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Surviving the Boardwalk

wildwood-sign-3Okay so the other day I went down the shore with my boyfriend and our friend.  I brought a lunch with me because I really can’t eat anything on the boardwalk, obviously.  After a nice morning by the pool, and then afternoon on the beach, we decided to walk the boards at night.  This was longer than I had thought that we were going to stay, and I needed to figure something out for dinner.  

Sorrento1There are only a few options for those of us with Celiac when we are down the shore, really.  Obviously no hamburgers, or chicken tenders, or pizza.  However, seafood is typically a good place to start, so we went into this restaurant called Sorrento II which advertised seafood in their window.  Once we sat down and looked through the menu, however, we discovered that they had (drumroll) gluten-free pizza!!!  It was the most exciting thing ever, I mean, not having to give up the typical boardwalk experience?  I was ecstatic.  My boyfriend and I ordered the gluten-free pizza (with pepperoni, duh) to split and it was actually insanely delicious.  The only problem I really had with it was that it stuck to the plate and was pretty hard to get unstuck, but other than that it was wonderful.  I was a little skeptical afterwards about how I would be feeling, since it was obviously cooked in the same kitchen as regular pizza, but a day later and I’m still feeling good.tumblr_mvemcyarmn1rslphyo1_400

So, if you’re ever in Wildwood definitely check out Sorrento II, right near 25th street.  The pizza was delicious and actually edible for those of us who typically have nowhere to eat on the boardwalk.  (After the pizza I obviously had to stop at Khor Bro’s for ice cream because it’s tradition.)  And if you’re at the beach and aren’t sure what you can eat, almost always go for seafood or grilled chicken because those are the safest bets.  Plus the seafood is always fresh!


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