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Gluten-Free Pizza!

I know this is my second pizza post in a row, and I’m sorry, but this place is a Celiac’s dream!  Jules Thin Crust, which has a few different locations, has what I am going to call the best gluten-free pizza to date.  I’m a huge fan.gluten-free-friendly-logo-300x298-150x150

When you walk into the store, they have a nice display of all of their different types of pizzas.  They have a great selection from any type of cheesey/ veggie combo you could want, to a meat lover’s paradise of selections.  And here is the best part: they will make any of the pizzas gluten-free.  Yes, you read that correctly, they make all of their pizzas gluten-free for you.  l

I went there yesterday with my boyfriend (it was date night).  He ordered 2 slices of pepperoni, and I ordered the personal sized (which is the equivalent of 2 slices) Brooklyn-style gluten-free pizza.  They make the gluten-free pies to order so they won’t get contaminated with gluten.  It’s absolutely wonderful.  The wait is only about 8-10 minutes, and they bring it out to your table.

My boyfriend (Shane) who waited patiently to eat while I took pictures.
My boyfriend (Shane) who waited patiently to eat while I took pictures.

When they brought out the pizza, I was in heaven.  I am a huge sucker for thin-crusted pizza; I love the crunch and I disagree with deep-dish to be completely honest.  The crust was crunchy and delicious and it didn’t fall apart! (which is actually very impressive considering most gluten-free bread products literally crumble at the touch).  The cheese and sauce combination was completely satisfying and I finished the entire 2 slices.  I know, that sounds easy, but listen, I usually can’t finish anything so that is actually saying something.  I would honestly recommend this place to anyone, gluten-free or not.

The most delicious pizza I've ever had.
The most delicious pizza I’ve ever had.

I should note, my boyfriend is a huge fan of this place and would also recommend it to anyone gluten-free or not as well, so I’m not biased just because of their Celiac-friendly kitchen!


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