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Eat A Pita


Philadelphia is not only home to the birthplace of our country, rich history, and brotherly love, it also is home to a whole lot of really good food.  Philly is known for its cheesesteaks (wit or witout??) and soft pretzels, but if you’re in town, there are plenty of other places you have to check out as well.  Especially when you’re gluten-free.

Eat A Pita is a wonderful little Mediterranean restaurant, similar in stylings to Chipotle.  They have pre-set sandwiches and salads that you can order, and the option to create your own.  They make everything fresh and they are very good about keeping gluten-free pitas away from the gluten-full ones.  You can get any option on a gluten-free pita, and the options are delicious.


I have been there 3 times so far, and it is not a far walk from the hub of Market Street.  They also have a food truck and cater.  The service is quick and easy; I was able to get there during my lunch break at a busy day of my internship and still make it back in time to eat it.

For those non-Celiac folks, it is still a great place to grab a bite to eat.  I met my mom here for our lunch break since we were both in the city that day; I also went with my boyfriend- they both liked their food as well.  All in all, if you’re in Philly and already got the cheese steak and soft pretzel experience, there are tons of other options out there (and I have more to offer coming soon).


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