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Manco& Manco’s

Ocean City, New Jersey.  “America’s Greatest Family Resort”.

And a nightmare for those of us who cannot eat gluten.  Or so we thought.  But there is now a new pizza on the block.  An old favorite has decided to cater to the gluten-free and let me tell you, it is the most exciting thing ever. 20160712_120253

Manco& Manco’s (formerly Mac& Manco’s, but they got into a fight) is a very famous and very well-loved boardwalk pizza place.  My boyfriend literally will not eat pizza anywhere else on the boardwalk.  So when my celiac diagnosis came along, it was sad that I could no longer enjoy their pizza.  However, a little less than a year ago they added gluten-free pizza to their menu and it was life-changing.

The signature swirl of sauce that sets Manco& Manco’s pizza apart from competitors.

Not only is the pizza delicious (Manco& Manco’s sauce is amazing), but they do their best to ensure no cross contamination.  They give you a little pizza cutter that says gluten-free so as to avoid the possible contamination of using the same pizza cutters they use for their other pizzas.

SO Cute!!

I am a huge fan of this pizza, and can definitely recommend that you go to one of their locations on the boardwalk (located on either 9th or 12th street).  The only negative that I have about it is that one time when I went they were sold out of the gluten-free pizza, but that has only happened 1 out of the 10 times that I have been there, and did not stop me from going back.  I was just a little upset.

I go every time I am in Ocean City, and if you’re in OCNJ for a vacation or even just a day trip, this pizza is definitely worth a shot and I would 100% go if I were you.  You may even see me there.

I can’t wait to go back.



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