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Surviving the Boardwalk

Need some advice for eating on the boardwalk? I got you covered!

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What It’s Really Like to Live at College With Celiac

I started my freshman year of college wide-eyed and terrified of gaining the dreaded freshman 15.  However, after the first month, I lost 15 pounds because everything that I was eating was making me sick.  Fast-forward to May after my first year of college, when I received the news that I did, indeed, have Celiac’s Disease.… Continue reading What It’s Really Like to Live at College With Celiac

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Lazy Baker’s Lemon-Blueberry Cupcakes

It’s summer!  That means more family barbecues and picnics, more get-togethers, more reasons for you to bring some sort of dessert.  Because that’s what everyone asks you to bring, right?  That’s all that anyone asks me to bring, so I’ve come up with a quick cheat to make refreshing lemon-blueberry cupcakes.